Sunday, July 11, 2010

♪♫☆ Đám cưới của tui ♥ My Wedding ★♫♪

Hôm nay Galaxy6139 xin trân trọng thông báo tin vui với các bạn là Galaxy6139 đã quyết định từ giã cuộc sống độc thân (^-^)
Today, Galaxy6139 would like to announce that Galaxy6139 decided to say good bye with his single life

Đây là xì-lai-sô Galaxy6139 cùng bạn đời cùng chuẩn bị, với tất cả kỷ niệm đẹp của hai đứa
This is slideshow which created by Galaxy6139 and his life partner with lovely memories (^-*)




  2. LOVELY .....^^ Chuc mung anh Vu va Thuy. Be happy together forever... ^.~
    Xem hinh rat la de thuong, lam tao thay nho may` qua Thuy oi, chuc mung may ban iu dau cua tao, chuc may mai mai hanh phuc..tu nay tro thanh nguoi vo dam dang hen may,

  3. Hi Galaxy,
    How wonderful you are!!
    Toast you happily ever after!!

    Best wishes,

    Your friend

  4. Chuc mung hanh phuc ban hien va be Thuy' nha. Chuc hai vo chong tram nam hanh phuc den dau bac rang long, va co con chau' d*a^y` d*an` nha, hihihi. That la tiec vi khong the den du dam cuoi cua hai ban duoc. Luon vui va hanh phuc nha !

  5. Chuc mung Hanh phuc hai em! Mot gia dinh tran day yeu thuong va hanh phuc nhe!

  6. Congratulations! I can really feel that the love binding both of you is in the air.

    Best Wishes.

    Myra (Phil)

  7. vu and Thuy
    Be happy and Love forever..
    I want to see yours wedding, so Sorry.
    we will meet in Korea after wedding

  8. Congratulations on your wedding!^^!
    This slideshow is very lovely!
    I wish you much love and happiness!!

  9. I knew you! Thuy got the bouquet in my wedding!
    I have waiting for your wedding. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I believe you two will live happily forever. I'm very sorry not to offer you my congratulations face to face. Maybe we have a chance. :) Be happy~

  10. Dear Vu and Thuy,
    We have enjoyed your slideshow very much. The LOVE T-shirts are so cute. The wedding pictures are very romantic and fun. We wish that we could have attended your wedding. Hope to see both of you soon!
    Wishing you happiness forever.
    Anh Joe and Chi Hoa

  11. many wishes and luck for life

  12. Jung-Joon Min: Congrat, Thuy and Vu!!! I think I should have attended your wedding, but I had too many travels this year. I wish you have a life together with full of happiness.

    Moved from "Quick Message Box"

  13. From Jung-Joon Min: (moved from email)

    Dear Vu,

    Congratulations on your wedding with Thuy!!!
    It must be a greatest day in your life.
    I really enjoyed your slide show and thanks for many photos in you blog that shows my features.
    I wish you enjoy your wedding with Thuy and have a successful life together with full of happiness.
    And also I wish both of you join my lab ASAP.

    During your honeymoon period, please find the candidates of our program.

    Happy wedding day!!


    Jung-Joon Min, MD, PhD
    Director, Laboratory of In Vivo Molecular Imaging
    Director and Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine
    Chonnam National University Medical School
    Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital
    160 Ilsimri, Hwasun, Jeonnam 519-809 S. Korea

  14. From Prof. 범희승: (moved from email)

    Dear Vu,
    How wonderful it is!
    Congratulations on your wedding~
    I'm looking forward to seeing your couple in Hwasun soon.
    Hee-Seung Bom

  15. From 김동연: (moved from email)



    Congratulations~^^...realllllllllllly ~~~~~~~~

    Your pictures~...Look like wonderful~

    Have nice time with Thui in your country, Hope to solve problems perfectly about visa of thui...^^

    Congratulations one more time...*^^*

    Say hello to Thui~

    Hope to see U and Thui after 1 week~

    Take care~


  16. From 김덕미: (moved from email)

    congratulation Vu오빠^^

    뚜이 언니와의 결혼을 축하해요~

    행복해요 오빠 ^^

  17. From 홍현: (moved from email)

    Dear Hong Vu.
    Hello, this is Hyun.
    I congratulate you on your wedding today. I don't know Vietnamese wedding custom but I guess you might be very busy today based on my experience.
    Give your 'wife' my best regards and I wish you make a happy home.
    Peace with you.

    Sincerely, Hyun

  18. From Trúc Anh: (moved from email)

    Kha` kha` ...

    Chuc mung ban hien va be Thuy mai hanh phuc ben nhau, mai yeu nhau nhu ca yeu nuoc, chim yeu bau troi nhe!

    Hwasun family cho 2 nguoi sang de chuc mung that hoanh trang ne! :D

  19. From Abhay Bhat: (moved from email)

    CONGRATULATIONS WU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish you a very very happy married life...:)

    With luv,

    From Abhay and Shri.

  20. Chúc mừng đám cưới anh!!! ^^
    Chúc anh và chị găp nhiều may mắn luôn, thí nghiệm suôn sẻ, hoàn thành tốt những dự định tương lai!

  21. Nguyen Vo Phuong Uyen: (moved from email)

    Chuc mung chuc mung chuc mung Vu va "be" Thuy cua Vu nghen! Uyen vua moi coi xong slideshow cua 2 nguoi, thiet la dep, thiet la de thuong! Uyen coi thay thich lam! 2 nguoi quen nhau o Korea ha? 2 nguoi chup hinh dam cuoi o Korea luon ha hay ve Vn moi chup? Uyen thay chup rat dep va canh cung rat dep va lang man. Vu giau "be" Thuy ky~ qua hen ^_* hehehehe
    Roi bay gio 2 nguoi coi xong roi van tiep tuc o Korea vua lam vua hoc ha? Du dinh cua 2 vo chong son cho tuong lai se la gi ne?
    Uyen cung co tin vui bao cho Vu ne! Uyen engaged hoi ngay 19 thang 06 va se lam dam cuoi ngay 12/12 cuoi nam nay :) Vu va bx ma bay qua duoc du dam cuoi cua Uyen la vui lam lam nghen ;)
    Chuc Vu va bx 1 ngay tot lanh!

  22. Congratulations!
    Best wishes to you and your beautiful wife.


    Ana Isabel

  23. Arvin Cesar Lagda: (Moved from email)

    Vu (Its so difficult to post in your blogpost, been trying for days). So im posting it here.......

    Congratulations!!!..Best Wishes and may you be showered with the best life has to offer, both in this world and beyond.

    He is the half part of a blessed man
    Left to be finished by such as she:
    And she a fair divided excellence
    Whose fullness of perfection lies in him.

    - William Shakespeare

    Your friend for life,

  24. Hi Galaxy! Congratulations!! Wish you both all the best!!
    Blogtrotter Two has gone deeply in Sardinia, a marvelous place for you two to visit... ;)) Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  25. Ciao Galaxy6139, congratulations, best wishes to you both!

    Auguri, felicità e amore!

  26. anh Vu & be Thuy lang man ghe gom hehe. Chuc 2 anh em tram nam hanh phuc!!! ma clip hinh to to ra chut nua coi suong hon ah :D Khi nao Thuy sang HQ lam PhD?

  27. Congratulations!

    Best wishes to you and your beautiful wife.

  28. Congratulations on the wedding!

    Lovely couple!



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